Our Team

Certified Team of Professionals

AJ and Assam meetup with Amazon Team at HIMSS 2019

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Vice president System Design Assam Ansari discussing security protocols with HL7

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AJ from Green Bird Technologies discussing Artificial Intelligence with IBM

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Jeffery Johnson Consumer Experience Expert at Arab Health 2019

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Green Bird Technologies team at HIMSS Florida 2019


Green bird technologies at HIMSS 2019


Green Bird Technologies team at Intel & HP

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Green Bird Technologies team in discussion with Microsoft Healthcare Bot for future Healthcare Chat Bot

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Zain Amin discussing Cloud Security with Amazon

A glimpse at Green Bird Technologies

About Our Customers


Num of current providers:
There are over 5,000 physicians and other healthcare providers that use the Green Bird Technologies platform.


Speciality Served:
We have experience serving over 100 different medical specialities in many states.


No of Emp:
Green Bird Technologies has approximately 200 full-time equivalent employees.


Active Users:
There are over 500,000 billers, office managers, doctors, providers, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and therapists that trust GreenBird Technologies to run a better practice.

About Our Company

16 Years

Length of time in business:
Green Bird Technologies was founded in 2003 and has been in business for over 16 years.


We have offices in New York, New Jersey, Dubai, Lahore – Pakistan


Green Bird Technologies has grown revenue more than 5x over the past 2 years.

$20 Million

Company Ownership:
The privately held the company that has raised over $20 millions through private funding in the past three yrs.