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Custom Health Care Solutions

We got the Industry’s best Consultants having who have helped digitalizing healthcare organizations and medical facilities with automation and customized software solutions for the growing technical needs of the medical industry, based on the market trends and insights by using breakthrough technologies.


Real Time Processing

Green Bird Technologies’s real-time processing helped Healthcare organizations to adopt lean principles, reducing waste while improving the quality of care by applying stringent clinical data measurement approaches to routine care delivery, healthcare systems and to identify best practice protocols and incorporate those into the clinical workflow.


Hippa Compliant & Data Security

Green Bird Technologies has developed and implemented successfully HIPAA-compliant Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) oriented advance software solutions for various healthcare businesses and medical facilities through the customized web & mobile-based networks.


Front Desk Management

Our Front desk management for healthcare organizations is specially build to reduce the paperwork activities and data which is collected throughout. Included features as; to create the patient profile in the system, to calculate the number of patients who came to visit, information about patient queries and purpose of visit. Our front Desk Automation will make your processes able to maintain patient Data and to generate Daily MIS reports of the activities.


Flow Automation of Patient Information

Green Bird Technologies program Personal Health Record software and web applications, enabling automated flows for patients to easily maintain records medical records with Integrated PHR programs with modules for communicating with physicians via patient portals, self-scheduling appointments.


Advanced Patient Care

Based on the insights, guidance and expertise to evaluate, Green Bird Technologies provides Digital structure and programs for healthcare insurers, Automated hospital processes and healthcare systems., with an integration plan that incorporates existing and new services that offer the maximum improvement to patient care.

Green Bird Technologies has also delivered Success For:


Custom healthcare software development and automation, involving device integration and data encryption based on web and mobile applications designed to be ancillary service to healthcare professionals.


Our financial software services helped various reputed organizations in New York and overseas, providing customized financial software solutions and over-all automation for accounting, portfolio management, financial planning, insurance, and tax preparation processes that can integrate APIs, and enables process tracking & inventory management.

Real Estate

Green Bird Technologies has experience in digitalizing the real estate industry, developing solutions which provide a sustainable competitive advantage, cost-cutting, providing automated and integrated flows for real estate management software, property management and HOA management systems.


Digitalization is the key success factor for the future sustainability our expert team at Green Bird Technologies brings out the top-notch solutions to automate the industry processes, setting up a communications platform, numerous applications and protocols that will cut the tremendous difficulty involved in all of the above and get your telecommunications up and running.

Travel & Hospitality

Software development and implementation for travel industry for specific platforms with exclusive services to fully integrate Global Distribution, Property management systems, booking engines, resource management, and advanced reporting.


Green Bird Technologies is an experienced provider of Media and Entertainment software solutions for businesses worldwide. Having expertise based on the relative industry insights we can provide Consultancy and software development that will help you overcome your Media and Entertainment technological challenges.