Digitalizing Healthcare Business Work Processes

Client Overview:

The Client needed a Multiple Mobile applications systems developed and integrated over various frameworks that are coordinated to totally automate the procedures of a medical equipment facility in New York. The work includes correspondence with distinctive partners for business; hardware distribution center, restorative offices, transporter drivers, insurance agencies, accumulation officers, legal advisors, charging offices and patients.

Problem Statement:

The medical equipment facility was functioning completely via manual processes which created a Bottleneck of resources, excessive paperwork and discrepancies which in turn created a storage and management issue for the required paperwork. The few of the digitized systems involved were functioning separately and had no integrated functionality for the sharing of data. All of these issues combined created managerial issues for the supervisor and no proper analysis of the performance could be done.

Solution Implemented:

We created a strategy and developed systems to revolutionize brick and mortar business that involved the digital transformation of the entire workflow by revamping the documentation flow, reorganizing the communication processes and decentralized the data creating fully integrable systems for the separate components of the business.

Final Outcome & Business Value:

The result of the System’s application proved to monumental in solving the medical facilities’ problems by Completely automating the business process which in turn caused an Increase in the customer satisfaction index. The facility was suffering from a dire bottleneck situation of resources due to the sheer amounts of documentation that had to be processed. The implemented system saves cost and manual efforts of the resources making the process highly efficient.

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