Designed & Implemented AI Stock Bidding Bot

Client Overview:

A machine learning based bot was designed that could be integrated with major stock exchange platforms and perform the process of bidding without the need for human supervision. The client needed to uphold the standard and generate profits without investing the time that is required to manually carry out the bidding process.

Problem Statement:

Everyone can decide to invest their funds into the stock market however not everyone has the means to hire a stockbroker or the time to monitor a security and stock exchange system manually. The client expressed the need to have a system that would eliminate these factors and automate the buy and purchase process because,  had been quite an active participant in day-trading for a few years but now due to his busy schedule he lacked the time it needed for one to be successful at day trading and making a profit. However, the client also felt that it would be a waste of his expertise, years of experience and his potential to let this side of the business slip by just due to the lack of dedicated time. So, he reached out to Greenbird Technologies for the proposition and implementation of a solution towards this issue.

Proposed Solution:

The proposed solution was a bot which required minimal supervision but could achieve more or less the same results as if the client had been there himself.

The Bot is an automated system which has been integrated with a stocks and securities exchange platform of the client’s choice. The system is capable of taking in settings values as well as dynamically setting up securities up for buy and/or purchase based on threshold values set by the user. The system carries on the required task, buy and sell automatically while keeping a log for Client’s review as well as can create and send alerts to the client on actions selected by the Client him/herself.

Final Outcomes & Business Value:

With the implementation of the bot, the client was able to continue his investment activities while spending minimum time doing so. Initially, our client was losing the opportunities for business in the stock and security trading market but with the application he can make the most of it. In the dry days of the trading world, the client still wouldn’t lose anything given that the bot would use every opportunity to make a trade at the favorable price set forth by the user. On a good day, however, the client may stand to make millions of dollars’ worth of trade per month.

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