Customer Management System For Real Estate Business

Client Overview:

A group of top-notch real estate brokers came together to form an agency catering to the customers of New York City. Due to the upscale nature of this agreement an automated system was needed that could streamline the PR process. Because real estate is all about maintaining customer relationships and with clientele lists growing at this pace profits would take a hit unless a solution was implemented.

Problem Statement:

In real estate, new leads and referrals are essential for generating new business. But when your day to day schedule is already filled with all of the other tasks agents are required to do, how do you find the time? The reasons for maintaining strong ties with your clients are obvious. Agents with stronger customer relationships can increase the profit by 70% but finding the time and resources to maintain these relationships can seem impossible. Staying in touch means phone calls, sending cards and gifts, remembering important dates and working with third party vendors to make it all happen. This all adds up to more time and money; which increases with an increase in your client list.


The solution to managing all these variables was the automation of the process as much as it possibly can be. Hence, Salez Storm a CRM (customer relationship management ) software was proposed which provides a suite of solutions that put you back in control of your customer relationships allowing you to take advantage of every opportunity. With Salez Storm, you can schedule and automate 12 months of communication with your clients, access client information from anywhere, organize and execute daily tasks and when it’s time to keep in touch with your clients, Salez Storm provides the automated solution for it. For example: scheduling a default text for birthdays, the ability to send a customized voice note etc.

Final Outcomes & Business Value:

The implementation of the CRM with third-party integration provided a platform that allowed C the clients and realtors to connect with each other easily. Human Error that could be caused due to the limitations of our memory and attention were automated. The CRM allowed scheduling of messages, reminders, push notification updates etc which resulted in better customer relations. The readability of text messages increased from 70% to 90% resulting in a higher closing ratio.

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